Saturday, November 10, 2012

[BAP] Killing Camp

Daehyun bullying the maknae, Zelo... ^_^   

After playing in the mud...

Our cute new maknae... Haha

BAP reality program, Mnet's 'Killing Camp' finally premiered on October. The boys going on what they believe to be a vacation but ends up turning into a series of survival missions.

From this reality program, we got to know more about these 6 boys personality. Especially Daehyun, our 'noisiest ninja'.. Now we know why he had to wear a mask during their debut days... The appeareance of THE DEAD PHONE @ MINSHIK (name given by Daehyun) make it more interesting. We got see Leader Bang 'aegyo' and other members cuteness, foolishness, etc...

The program consist of 3 episodes.. Many thing happens that will give you a big laugh. Want to know more about it, watch it.. You wouldn't be dissapointed...!!