Monday, February 11, 2013

[SHINee] Wonderful Days

At last, after a long time.. We got to see SHINee reality programme again. In this new programme, each member are given 4 days 3 night vacation to wherever they want and enjoy their break. It is set to be 10 episode all together. In their 1st episode, they have reveal some dance practice for their comeback song.. ^_^

SHINee members choice of places to enjoy their break ARE..........
Onew - Thailand
Jonghyun - Japan
Taemin - Switzerland
Minho & Key - England

Here are some photos from SHINee Wonderful Days (One Fine Day)

Working hard for their new dance... >_<
Minho meeting with Park Jisung (Korean Soccer Player)..

Taemin doing skydiving...
 Onew pineapple bag...

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